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guitar-master – Scam – All You Need to Know

julio 18, 2021

Today I want to make a new section in this video game blog where we are dedicated to commenting on every aspect and news about the best games and consoles today, so we are dedicated to buying many games to make the assessments and is aware of all aspects, to be able to have all the updated information.

Cheap Games
For this reason we have to find a way to have these games and make it profitable with competitive prices, for this we buy game keys on external pages, as many people do in this world.

On the internet there are many pages that are dedicated to trading keys of cheap games or more accessible prices and in a completely legal way and there are many other pages that can be scam or scam, so today I am going to speak from my experience with these pages and also recommend pages in which I am sure that you will get the game you are looking for.

Enjify is reliable – Experience

First I want to talk about which is a page where you have to visit if you want to know the opinions of people about a page since most of them are there and

trustpilot enjify

Looking at people’s comments, we managed to agree with one thing and that is that Enjify does not sell game keys and this does not make it clear on its page and it does not tell you before paying for the product you want to purchase.

After you pay, you are surprised that they have actually sent you a steam account and even if it is not what you wanted and you do not use the account they have given you by talking to the support

technician do not give you a refund.


If you are not bothered having different steam accounts for each game then you can buy on this page but if you would like to have all your games in a single personal steam account then I do not recommend buying here.

Which is my case since I like to have everything organized and in a single account, and that when I want to play I only have to look for the game in my library.

Webs that I recommend to buy video game keys

Pages in which I buy with total security and without fear of any scam or that I may lose my money since almost every month I buy games there, I usually use two pages and everything depends on the price that I find in one is better than the other.

instant-gaming: This is usually my first choice page due to the competitive prices it has and I have never had any problems. Visit the page here.

g2a: My second best option and very famous page in which I have not had any problems either and with very good customer service. Visit the page here